This book reminds us that life is movement, and stagnation is death. Life starts with movement and it is also sustained through movement, but every time movement ceases then death ensues.

All of us will encounter varying periods of stagnation, however we are reminded in this book that a place of stagnation should never become our permanent residence. It is only once we acknowledge that we are stuck and that the stagnation is detrimental to our future, that we will begin to explore our options for the required change.

The material in this book uses evidence from ordinary life history as well as Biblical history to assist the reader to see how important movement is, as well as to provide examples of inspirational moves and movements from which lessons can be drawn.

The book helps us to understand move stoppers that we will encounter each time we try to make a move. It also reminds us that all moves and movements will encounter resistance or opposition, and the greater the move, the greater the opposition.

The book is solution driven, hence it uses the examples drawn from various sources to demonstrate how we can make our move, and ensure that it is well-thought out, it is impactful, it is forward looking, and it is aligned with our lives’ overall vision and purpose. Ultimately we must execute our move on the foundation of our faith in God, because it is faith that will determine whether our move succeeds or fails.

If you are feeling stuck, do not despair any longer help is now in your hands. It is my hope and prayer that this book will ignite in you that fire which you need to propel you forward into a glorious future.

Get your move on, your life might just depend on it!



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